About Us

Mission Statement

The PTO is an all-volunteer group that has the interest of the entire school body at its heart. We are here to work in tandem with the school administration to support each and every student with the social and academic resources we are able to offer. Our primary focus is every child’s happiness that we feel is fostered through nurturing their personalities, supporting their academic achievement and, of course, providing lots of FUN for them along the way!

The PTO supports: Classroom Teacher Aides; Classroom Field Trips; Classroom Supplies; Teacher Grants; Family Fun Night; Fundraising Events; Halloween Party; Scholastic Book Fairs; PTO Social Events; Community Charity Programs.

Announcing the 2019-20 PTO Board

We’re pleased to announce the new officers for the 2019-20 school year:


Vice President of Fundraising: Erin Alvarez

Vice President of Finance: Heather VanZant

Secretary: Katrina Ramos

Treasurer: Caroline Giamalva

Vice President of Regulations: Deepak Bapu

Sauganash PTO Bylaws


President – Shall preside over and create agenda for all meetings of this organization, the Executive Board, and the Executive Committee, appoints members to special committees and is responsible for other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the organization, the Executive Board or another Executive Committee.

Vice President of Finance – Shall oversee all budget and finance issues. Must present a budget report at every PTO meeting.

Vice President of Fundraising – Shall oversee all fundraising committees. Fundraising committee chairman shall report to the VP Finance.

Vice President of Student Activities – Shall oversee all student activities. All student activity committee chairs report to the VP of Fundraising.

Treasurer – Shall handle day-to-day accounting duties of PTO such as deposits, check requests, bill payments, and the management of the ledger.

Recording Secretary – Shall record the minutes of all meetings of this organization, the Executive Board, and the Executive Committee; have a current copy of the bylaws and conduct correspondence of the organization as directed. Minutes are to be prepared and presented by the Secretary at PTO monthly meetings.

Vice President of Regulations – Shall oversee PTO Bylaws, Rules & Regulation compliance and propose changes where needed.